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Memphis Made Beers:

Memphis Made is a mainly seasonal brewery. We have one year-round beer, Lucid Kolsch. After that, we brew seasonal standard beers for a few months, with some limited edition beers mixed in for kicks. Think of us as a beer CSA.


Here are some of our beers, past and present. Some of these beers will return each season while others may never be seen again. Drink accordingly.

Current offerings


Lucid Kolsch (4.8 ABV)

A lawnmower beer with flavor. This pale golden German ale is light and crisp. Our only year-round beer, it has a slightly bready aroma and a spicy hop note from Herkules hops. Lucid is a versatile beer with food, going with anything from a salad to bratwurst.


Spring Seasonals (2015)

Plaid Attack (6.2 percent ABV)


This limited edition Scottish ale clocks in at 6.2 percent ABV. Its solid malt backbone comes from Marris Otter, crystal, chocolate and a dash of smoked cherry wood malts. This is balanced with a variety of UK classic hops to create a smooth drinking Scottish ale.


RockBone IPA

(6.2 percent ABV)

Local weather maps might show a cold front moving in, but we have a warm front down below. A heavy hand of Herkules hops gives this IPA a real bang, while the Mosaic hops do the dirty work and ooze out flavors of passion fruit and berries.


Past and Limited Release Beers


Fireside Ninja (5.7 percent ABV)

Brewed with a base of Munich malt and steeped with European hops, Fireside Ninja is malty on the front end with a slight hop finish on the back to provide balance. With an ABV of 5.7 percent, this beer, while very accessible, will keep you warm on a late fall or winter night. Special thanks to our friends at Asheville Pizza and Brewing, AKA the ninja masters, for letting us riff on their name.


Reverberation (5.8 percent ABV)

This Belgian style coffee stout is a collaboration with Memphis-based Reverb Coffee Co. The freshly roasted dark Sumatra coffee from Reverb accents the stout’s natural coffee flavors.  At 5.8 percent ABV, this limited release beer is well suited for winter. 

A base of Munich malt gives this brew a strong backbone to hold up all the flavors from the darker malts, the Belgian yeast, and the dark Sumatra coffee.


Oatmeal Stout (5.1 percent ABV)

Have you ever wanted to shove a bunch of silk into a pint glass and drink it? No? That's weird, we have. Anyway, here's your chance to get close to it. This delicately hopped  and generously oated stout will have you begging for more, but it is a very limited release, so get some while you can.


Waka Waka IPA (5.7 percent ABV)

An unfiltered India Pale Ale brewed with Wakatu and Pacific Gem hops.


Hundo (6.1 percent ABV)

An India Pale Ale brewed with a generous portion of Centennial hops. Hoppier than DJ Stephens at Memphis Madness


Junt (6.2 percent ABV)

This dark Belgian farmhouse ale is brewed with a dash of cumin and a touch of smoke. Bright and floral yeast characteristics are the background of this dark malted ale. Spice notes from the cumin lie underneath. 


Business Time IPA (6 percent ABV)

You know the old saying: "It's Wednesday somewhere..." That means it's Business Time. This balanced IPA features the oak goodness of Pacific Gem hops from start to the happy ending. A dash of Munich malt provides just enough sweetness and color to get you in the mood. Best enjoyed with someone you love, but there's always an occasion to have one by yourself. 


Guitar Attack IPA (5.8 percent ABV)

Brewed especially for Gonerfest 11, Guitar Attack is an aggressive beer. This bottled beer has a generous amount of Centennial hops. Enjoy during, before or after Gonerfest.


GBR (4.8 percent ABV)

Brewed especially for Gonerfest 11, GBR is a clean, crisp golden ale with a healthy dose of flaked corn. We decided to make it a true Memphis cream ale with a bunch of grits in the mash too. 


Snipe Hunter Amber (5.7 percent ABV)

This hoppy, unfiltered amber is what you've been searching for. Generous amounts of Herkules and Fuggle hops balance out the malt bill, making this elusive Southern ale worth the hunt.


Bear Cat IPA (6 percent ABV)

An homage to the Rufus Thomas song of the same name, this unfiltered India Pale Ale is both cuddly and aggressive. Stupid amounts of Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic and Chinook hops were used to create a complex heady blend, that will leave you lapping up the last drop.


Soulful Ginger (6.2 percent ABV)

 A golden saison brewed with candied ginger and peppercorn. The ginger gives it a unique sweetness and spiciness. Light and refreshing. Goes well with many Asian dishes.


Bent Note IPA (6.1 percent ABV)

This spring IPA, featuring Nugget and a healthy portion of Delta hops, will wake your taste buds out of their winter slumber. It has a pleasant tropical fruit profile with some subtle earthiness. The hop flavor sustains like a long-held bent note. Pairs well with spicy foods.


Red Handed (5.5 percent ABV)

An amber ale with origins in the German alt style, but with a twist. It follows Reinheitsgebot (German Purity Law saying beer can only have water, barley, hops and yeast) until we added a little chicory. "Alt" is German for "old." This is a malty beer with a bit of hops at the end to give it balance. Pairs well with roast beef, chicken or lamb.


Southern Julep (750 ml. bottle, 5.9 percent ABV)

A Belgian style brown ale brewed with fresh mint and aged with American oak. Great beer to drink while watching the Ketucky Derby in early May.


Cocoa Reverberation (5.8 percent)

A change to our Belgian coffee stout. This collaboration with locally-owned Reverb Coffee Co. still features freshly roasted dark Sumatra coffee. However, we added cocoa nibs to blend more chocolate notes with the coffee flavors. A base of Munich malt gives this brew a strong backbone to hold up all the flavors from the darker malts, the Belgian yeast, the coffee and the cocoa nibs.


Lights Out (4.2 percent ABV)

A dark Belgian style wit beer, the grain bill for Lights Out consists of more than 90 percent wheat darkened with chocolate malt. A light dash of First Gold hops brings balance to the chocolate notes, while Styrian Golding hops blend in with the bitter orange peel and coriander.

At 4.2 percent ABV, it’s a very sessionable beer, with hints of chocolate and orange adding some complexity to this seasonal.


Humbucker IPA (6.2 percent ABV)

Humbucker is brewed with Marris Otter and Carapils malts. It’s first wort hopped with Styrian Golding hops, bittered with Nugget hops, and liberally dosed with Amarillo hops for flavor and aroma. We packed 1.7 pounds of hops per barrel into this 6.2% ABV hopsickle. Just like its guitar pickup namesake, Humbucker cancels out the typical over bitterness of an American IPA and lets the pure flavor and aroma of the hops shine through. Amarillo is hard to get a hold of these days, so enjoy this one while it lasts. 


 Harvest Porter (6.2 percent ABV)

Harvest Porter is a lighter-than-normal porter with a slight nuttiness and hints of chocolate. This beer style, which has been around since head brewer Drew Barton made it up, consists of Marris Otter, chocolate and melanoidin malts balanced with East Kent Goldings and Fuggle hops.


South Cooper Saison (5.7 percent ABV)

A brown saison and one of our inaugural beers. A simple malt bill of pale and chocolate malt allows the complex flavors of the yeast to be the shining star. Those complex flavors were further developed during a higher-than-normal fermentation temperature of 85 degrees, a good 15 degrees warmer than typical ales.


Parkways Pale Ale (5.2 percent ABV)

A distinctive American Pale Ale. Nugget hops deliver a initial herbal punch, while Delta hops round out the flavor and aroma with its spicy and slightly sweet citrus notes.


This beer gets its name from Memphis' parkway system, three streets which, with the Mississippi River, formed one of the city's earliest boundaries.