A Call To Action

So I got called out for not updating the blog. So, here's some blog action on what we've been busy doing.


A lot has happened in the last little while. Which is one of the reasons for the lack of blogging. First, the production area slab has been poured and the top coat applied. Plumbing, electrical, and mechancial rough-in inspections have been completed. Thanks to lots of awesome employees over at MLG&W, all utilities were connected lickety split. The city came and tapped our sewer line. That process started off very slow, but once we wrote 'em a check, things really started to move. That's about everything that has happened. Currently, as in today, the bathroom fixtures are being installed, the walk-in cooler is being set, the fermentors  and hot liquor tank were set in place. Next up the mash tun. The kettle has not popped its shiny big head in the building, or the city, yet. Although, we've been assured that will happen soon. 


Oh, and no big deal, but we recieved our federal brewer's permit. So, that was cool. 


What next you might ask? A couple more permits, a lot more paperwork, and even more installation and construction. We can't wait until the next phase; brewing. Looking forward to getting back in the brewhouse. 


Until then, we'll try to keep everyone updated. If we don't, just yell at us and we'll correct that.


We'll get some more pictures up on the site and Facebook this week.