Alice's Adventures in the Garden

Memphis Made has partnered with the Memphis Botanic Garden on a series of beers for its latest exhibit.

Alice's Adventures in the Garden starts May 8 and runs through October 31.

The outdoors exhibit features larger-than-life Alice in Wonderland sculptures made of mosaiculture, the horticultural art of creating giant topiary-like sculptures using thousands of annual bedding plants to carpet steel armature forms. 

There are sculptures ranging from The Red Queen to The Chesire Cat to Alice herself.

We worked with Memphis Botanic Garden on beers for the exhibit, running the range from new beers to old favorites.

The first two beers are Red Queen and Cheshire Cat Nap. After that, we'll release Down the Rabbit Hole, followed by new beers through the exhibit's run.

Make sure to stop by the Memphis Botanic Garden to enjoy the sculptures and to see what we've brewed next.

Find out more information about the exhibit here.