Memphis Made News:

News, thoughts, and ramblings from the minds behind Memphis Made Brewing Co.

Spring into Kitten Nap

Spring is here so it’s time for a new seasonal beer.

Kitten Nap, our spring seasonal, has all the flavor you want in a session IPA, but with ABV of 4.8 percent, you can spend the day with it.  

Brewed with Calypso and Lemondrop hops, this light golden beer has a fruity and citrusy aroma with a crisp, tropical fruit flavor.  

This beer will be available in cans and on tap around town and in the taproom through June.

We’re also working on another seasonal, Soulful Ginger, which should be out in a few weeks. 

Keep an eye out for these and other limited edition releases in the future as fermenter space becomes available.


New Versions of Old Favorites

After the year that was 2020, we all deserve a bit of a reset.

We thought that should extend to beer as well, so we've put a new spin on some old favorites, RockBone and Huggy Bear.

These two beers will be part of an ongoing Version 2.021 series.

RockBone Version 2.021 is the first time we've canned this particular India Pale Ale.

This iteration is a bit different, however.

We used Lemondrop hops for a bright citrus aroma and flavor. This unfiltered beer is lighter and fruitier than than original from years past.

Huggy Bear 2.021 is a bigger version of last year's model.

In 2020, this brown ale with honey malt was 5 percent ABV. 

This time, we've bumped it up to 6.4 percent to give you more of what you loved in the first one: a sweet, malty backbone and a nice chocolate finish.

Look for these beers in the taproom and around town.

What's Alt is New Again

After a long week of winter weather, we could all use some good news.

We’re doing our part by releasing yet another beer for 2021, this one for the first time in cans.

We've got a new take on an old beer tradition with Red Handed, an amber ale with origins in the German alt style.

This 5.5 percent beer follows Reinheitsgebot (German Purity Law saying beer can only have water, barley, hops and yeast) until we added a little chicory.

"Alt" is German for "old,” a nod to its ancient origins. This is a malty beer with a bit of hops at the end to give it balance. It pairs well with roast beef, chicken or lamb. Cheers!


Dark Beers To Get You Through Winter

We've got two new dark beers being released this week to help you through the last of winter.

Look for cans and kegs of Drew's Day Off and Memphis As Truck in our taproom and wherever good beer is sold around town. While we've had these on draft before, this is the first time we've put them in cans.

Drew's Day Off is an oatmeal stout our brewers made while Drew was out of town and left a fermenter tank free.

This silky-smooth ale is everything you ever wanted in a stout. A heavy body wraps you up for the colder months, while hints of chocolate and dried cherries put a smile on your face.

This week also marks the return of Memphis As Truck, our love child with French Truck Coffee.

This beer combines the best two beverages in the world: coffee and beer.

We used French Truck's  Kossa Geshe coffee. They turned these Ethiopian beans into a cold brew that was blended into our stout of oatmeal with chocolate and roasted malts.

While most of these beers will be in cans, there will be a few kegs around town. One of them will be Downtown at Momma’s Roadhouse on Feb. 3. They are hosting a Memphis As Truck keg tapping party with beer specials and giveaways.


Here Comes the Judge...and Plaid ATTACK!!!

With winter and cold weather firmly here, we've decided to help make everyone's day a little brighter with the release of two favorites, the Judge and Plaid ATTACK!!!, this week.

Look for these two darker ales on tap and in cans around Shelby County and North Mississippi, wherever good beer is sold, well into January.

This is our first time canning these beers.

In case you need a reminder, the Judge is our chocolate-vanilla porter made with Madagascar vanilla. This very judicious offering balances roasty malt notes with hints of vanilla and cocoa. It has a solid body and holds a great head at 6 percent ABV.

Plaid ATTACK!!! is another beer that will help fight winter's chill. This Scottish ale clocks in at 6.2 percent ABV. Its solid malt backbone comes from Marris Otter, crystal, chocolate and a dash of smoked cherry wood malts. It's balanced with a variety of UK classic hops to create a smooth drinking experience.