In the beginning.

Ok, just so everyone knows. This is my first blog post ever. Not just for this blog, but any blog. I don't really know where this blog will go, but I've heard they can be kinda theraputic. So, lay back, close your eyes (if you can read with your eyes closed), and maybe we'll all feel better at the end.


And since there doesn't appear to be a spell check associated with this blog, expect a lot of misspellings and comma use that will make an English teacher want to switch to algebra.


With that out of the way, let's get on to brewery blogginess.


Lately, many people have asked us, "When are you going to be open?" So far my response of choice is, "Yes." That is to say, yes we will be open at some point, but there is no good way to tell when that is. When your action first requires an action from someone else, then it's tough to tell when you can complete your action. Like a lot of things in life, opening a brewery envolves a lot of waiting on others to tell you you can do what you need to do.


So, while we do hope to be open sometime 'mid-2013', exactly when that is, well that's yet to be seen.


Right now we're focusing on getting construction going and moving through all the red tape required to open a commercial brewery. We'll do our best to update everyone on things as we move along. The blog won't be the venue for daily updates, look to Facebook and Twitter for more daily updates. We'll use the blog for longer ramblings. Maybe even get our therapy on.