Memphis Made Beers:

We brew a lot of different beers at Memphis Made. We currently brew Cat Nap, Fireside and GonerBrau year-round. However, we also brew various seasonal, limited release and tap room only offerings. Hey, we even make a hard seltzer. We's cool.


Here are some of our beers, past and present. Some of these beers will return while others may never be seen again. Drink accordingly.


Year-round offerings

Cat Nap (6.2 percent ABV)   

When you go face down into this India Pale Ale, the hop aroma is so calming it will knock you out. Generous amounts of Eureka! hops will have you licking lips for more, with notes of mango, pineapple, and peach.


Fireside (5.1 percent ABV)

Brewed with a base of Munich malt and steeped with European hops, Fireside is malty and roasty on the front end with just enough balance. This accessible and delicious amber ale goes well with a wide variety of food, including chicken, burgers and spicy cuisine.


GonerBrau (4.5 percent ABV)  
Like many things that come from Memphis Made Brewing and Goner Records, GonerBrau doesn’t quite fit a ready made mold, but definitely hits the spot. This Kveik Pilsner is brewed with a Norwegian strain of yeast that produces a clean profile that lets the malt and hops shine through. Kick back and enjoy this 4.5% ABV sipper while listening to your favorite tunes, hanging with friends, or eating a whole family size bag of chips by yourself (we’re not judging).


Current Seasonals/Limited Releases  

Dockside (5.5 percent ABV)   

This smooth wheat ale with late addition hops is a springtime beer for warmer weather. Its light color and medium body is perfect for coming out of hibernation into the sunshine. Dockside contains hints of lemon and orange from the Mandarina Bavaria hops and the smooth wheat malt, making this the go-to beer for spring. When the temperature swells, it's time to get Dockside.


Colonial Aggression (4.7 percent ABV)  

First brewed around the Fourth of July, a date the British consider a day of Colonial Aggression. With light malt on the front end, a hint of biscuit, and a light hoppy brightness on the end, this Extra Special Bitter has something for all independence-loving people. Brewed with traditional British hops and all American malt, this beer is indeed extra special and a little bitter. 


Huggy Bear (5 percent ABV)

This honey brown ale tastes like the warm embrace of a grizzly bear without all the sharp claws and the biting. Honey malt and darker roasted malts give it a sweet, malty backbone and a nice chocolate finish. This is a brown that comes in at 5 percent ABV so you can enjoy quite a few before knocking over trash cans and mauling hikers. 


RockBone IPA (6.9 percent ABV)  

Local weather maps might show a cold front moving in, but we have a warm front down below. A heavy hand of Herkules hops gives this IPA a real bang, while the Mosaic hops do the dirty work and ooze out flavors of passion fruit and berries. Learn more about the legend of RockBone here.


Aye-Aye Captain (5.5 percent ABV)   

We went deep under the sea and rounded up all the uninhibited pineapples and threw them into this tropical ale. It also has a little lime and mango for a super refreshing addition to your summer. 


Past Releases 

Dunkel Phil (5.6 percent ABV)   

Now this is a story all about how Memphis Made brewed a beer with wheat and Munich barley, and I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there and I’ll tell you all about how we came up with this beer called Dunkel Phil.  

Chillin' out, maxing, relaxing all cool you get a Hefe and a Dunkel shootin' some flavor inside this brew (givin' you a lil' caramel a lil clove and maybe even a lil' banana). But at 5.6% you won’t be the one making trouble in the neighborhood. No lil' fights and no scaring your mom and no moving in with your auntie and Dunkel Phil in Bel Air. 


Plaid ATTACK!!! (6.2 percent ABV)   

This limited edition Scottish ale clocks in at 6.2 percent ABV. Its solid malt backbone comes from Marris Otter, crystal, chocolate and a dash of smoked cherry wood malts. This is balanced with a variety of UK classic hops to create a smooth drinking Scottish ale.  


Prince Mango (6.3 percent ABV) 


The space prince has returned! This Zambodian IPA is adorned with traditional flavors and aromas of frickle pear, pink zorbel berries, and overripe glorbos. Flavors like this can only come from unearthly sources, or maybe it's the addition of way too much hops and real mango. It's fruit forward, hoppy and delicious. You'll feel its hazy effects as it takes you to another world and back.  


The Judge (6 percent ABV) 

Here comes The Judge! Here comes The Judge! Order in the court 'cause The Judge is in the  building! You've been summoned to enjoy a chocolate-vanilla porter made with roasted cocoa nibs and Madagascar vanilla. This very judicious offering balances roasty malt notes with hints of vanilla and cocoa. It has a solid body and holds a great head at 6 percent ABV. So put on your Sunday best because The Judge's court is in session and there will be no objections.     


Pau Hana (5.5 percent ABV)

In Hawaii, the term Pau Hana means “done working,” but on a deeper level it means time to put aside work worries and unwind with some friends over a few frosty beverages and some good food.

Brewed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our neighbor and one of Memphis’ best restaurants, Tsunami, this limited edition ale is brewed with Kveik yeast and has notes of jasmine rice, brown sugar, Thai basil, lime, and coriander. Refreshing and aromatic, it’s perfect after a long shift.


MEM IPA (7 percent ABV)

The answer to the question you never knew you needed to ask. Introducing MEM IPA. A sultry mix of red and honey malt, dripping with notes of grapefruit and orange. All clocking in at 7% ABV. You're welcome Memphis! 


Memphis As Truck (5.9 percent ABV)    

The two best beverages in the world are coffee and beer. So, why not put them together. We partnered with French Truck Coffee to bring you Memphis as Truck, a coffee stout made with Kossa Geshe coffee. The folks at French Truck turned these Ethiopian beans into a cold brew that was blended into our stout of oatmeal with chocolate and roasted malts. It's like breakfast in a glass, but at 5.9% maybe wait till noon at least. Or not. I'm not your dad. 


Andy's Mint (5.4 percent ABV)    

There are some flavor combinations that are just undeniable: peanut butter and jelly, cookies and milk, chocolate and mint, beer and well everything? Named for one of our founders, ANDY, this chocolate MINTY beer will also work very well as an after-dinner treat. Brewed as a traditional milk stout, we’ve added lactose and fresh mint to create the unforgettable flavor we’ve all grown to know and love. We may not have wrapped this beer in a brightly-colored foil but the flavor may be a bit reminiscent... 


Drew's Day Off (6.1 percent ABV)

While Drew was out of town, we decided to re-brew our oatmeal stout recipe. This silky smooth stout is everything you ever wanted in a stout. A heavy body wraps you up for the colder months, while hints of chocolate and dried cherries put a smile on your face.


Shrunken Head (5.5 percent ABV) 

Made for the Science of Beer, Shrunken Head is a Belgian Wit that uses grains of paradise and orange peel to bring a spicy springtime punch into January. It's sweet and malty with traditional Belgian characteristics and a contemporary twist. When you taste Shrunken Head, you'll have no choice but to visit its namesake exhibit at the Memphis Museum of Science & History.  


Myyy Churrona (6 ABV)

Myyy Churrona is a churro milk stout that is sure to make your motor run. This limited release beer was brewed with fresh churros in the mash and features lactose, cinnamon and vanilla. Debuted at MALTED 2022.


Lucid (4.8 ABV)

 A lawnmower beer with flavor. This pale golden German ale is light and crisp. It has a slightly bready aroma and a spicy hop note from Herkules hops. Lucid is a versatile beer with food, going with anything from a salad to bratwurst.


Soulful Ginger (6.2 percent ABV) 

A golden saison brewed with candied ginger and peppercorn. The ginger gives it a unique sweetness and spiciness. Light and refreshing. This summer offering goes well with many Asian dishes.


Summer Frills (6.2 percent ABV)   

Get your summer started right with a burger and a beer. Memphis Made and Huey's teamed up to provide you with endless Summer Frills. Well, endless until we run out of beer.

Summer Frills is an easy-drinking Golden Ale made with Vienna and Pilsner malt, and a touch of wheat. Saaz hops round it out with delicate spice note.


Lick Everything (10.2 percent ABV)   

We're starting off The Before Time series with Lick Everything, an American Strong Ale with Blackberries that clocks in at 10.2 percent ABV.

We certainly have not and never would encourage anyone to just Lick Everything.

The idea that even if you did, you'd probably be okay is The Before Times feeling we'd like to get back to.


We fermented this beer with blackberries and aged it for the better part of a year. Enjoy this beer alongside a good memory of The Before Times, but please don't take the name too literally. 


Group Hug (10.2 percent ABV)   

What’s better than a hug?   A Group Hug, of course! 

Imagine all your friends crowded around you, giving you a massive hug.  Now imagine those friends are barley, wheat, and hops. They’re smothering you with their love. 

We took our popular Hug recipe and dialed it up for this latest beer from our The Before Times series.  It’s still a smooth wheat ale with late addition hops  that’s sure to put a smile  on your face. There’s just a lot more  arms involved. Sold in 750-milliliter bombers in the taproom.


Red Handed (5.5 percent ABV) 

An earthy amber ale with origins in the German alt style, but with a twist. It follows Reinheitsgebot (German Purity Law saying beer can only have water, barley, hops and yeast) until we added a little chicory. "Alt" is German for "old." This is a malty beer with a bit of hops at the end to give it balance. Pairs well with roast beef, chicken or lamb.


Junt (4.5 percent ABV)

This delicately-hopped cream ale is easy drinking. A healthy dose of flaked maize gives it a drier finish, leaving you wanting another sip.


Nut ReMix (5.4 percent ABV)    

Brewed for our neighbors New Ballet Ensemble, this beer celebrates their modern take on the Nutcracker. This easy-drinking nut brown ale has an earthy dryness while giving your mouth caramel, subtle chocolate, and walnut flavors from the Victory, Crystal, and chocolate malts.


Gonerbrau 2021 (5.6 percent ABV)

A light and easy-drinking beer for this year's Gonerfest. Sara Moseley, the in-house designer for Goner Records, designed the cans with art from Jeff Mahannah.


Covhefe (5.7 percent ABV)

We mashed our Greenswarden Hefeweizen with coconut and made this amazing tiny hand crafted beer.


Berserker (6.6 percent ABV) 

In Old Norse times, berserkers were those who were said to have fought in a trance-like state having drawn their power from the bear. This IPA draws its power and fruit-forward bitterness from a load of Trident and Lotus hops and Norwegian yeast. In battle, berserkers were subject to fits of frenzy and rage and were immune to steel and fire, wreaking great havoc in the ranks of the enemy. While you likely won’t be fighting off anything other than summer heat with this Norwegian IPA, you can still tell your friends you are going BERSERK! 


Kitten Nap (4.8 percent ABV) 

Kitten Nap, our spring seasonal beer, has all the flavor you want in a session IPA, but with ABV of 4.8 percent, you can spend the day with it.  Brewed with Calypso and Lemondrop hops, this light golden beer has a fruity and citrusy aroma with a crisp, tropical fruit flavor.     


HUG (5.4 percent ABV) 

We were having a hard time remembering the sweet embrace of a HUG, so we took that warm feeling and put it in a cold beer. This smooth wheat ale with late addition hops is sure to put a smile on your face.


Orange Drewlius (6.1 percent ABV)  

First brewed for National Repeal Day 2015, we put a bit of orange peel into our Drew's Day Off Oatmeal Stout. Smooth and malty. 


Alt-Radio (4.9 percent ABV)

We're celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Ronald McDonald House Radiothon on 98.1 the Max by releasing Alt-Radio, an Altbier brewed with spices. Memphis Made Brewing and Ajax Distributing are donating part of every case sold to the charity.   


Uppercut (8.5 percent ABV) 

At 8.5 percent, this Double IPA packs quite a punch. Brewed with Calypso and Bravo hops, it pairs a light bitterness and malty backbone with notes of citrus and pear. We also used a Norwegian yeast called Sigmund Voss to accentuate its smoothness and add an orange character. See you in the ring.


 Cold Day In... (5.4 percent ABV) 

Usually found stalking the watering holes of the great Northwest, this Cascadian Dark Ale offers generous amounts of Cascade, Centennial, and Falconers Flight hops that play across a subtle roastiness. Don't let this ale's dark side fool you, it's packed with lemon, grapefruit, and tropical fruit notes as well as the distinct floral and piney characteristics that define this unique style.  


Stout Junt (7.3 percent ABV) 

We may have gotten carried away, but when Phillip Ashley Chocolates wants a beer it's time to get excited. We developed a stout that is so flavorful and complex that you'll notice something different with every sip. Stout Junt Mexican Stout was brewed with clove, cinnamon, cocoa nibs ancho and guahillo chilies then topped of with Madagascar vanilla in addition to four different roasted malts, including Chilean Perla Negra. So be prepared for a multicultural experience, Memphis style. From us and our friend Chef Phillip Ashley Rix. 


Mempho Beer (5.4 percent ABV)

What's better than listening to some great music? Having a tasty beer, made just for the occasion, in you hand at the same time. Mempho Beer is a cherry ale that hits all the right notes. A dark cherry backbeat and Lemondrop hops keep the rhythm while the malt shreds on lead.



We are proud to present STRONGER THAN DIRT a session IPA so raw and unhinged your mind will drip out of your ears as you drink it. Cascade hops create a mind blowing experience, not unlike seeing the garage band legends THE MUMMIES live. 100% over-the-top garage punk in a can. 


Plummer's Crack (6.2 percent ABV)

Plummer's Crack is a hazy and summery Belgian-style saison with Falconer's Flight hops. It is finished with a dash of plum puree to keep the pipes clear. So bend over and take a bow. It's time for Plummer's Crack.


3:30 on a Wednesday (5.4 percent ABV)

It's 3:30 on a Wednesday and it's time to seek shelter and a beer. You'll find both in this American Honey Wheat Ale. To honor of our great city's bicentennial we brewed this wheat beer with a double addition of Centennial hops and local honey. When you hear those sirens blaring, grab a 3:30 on a Wednesday and relax, it’s only a test. But don’t be caught empty handed. Grab a growler and remember; don’t be scared, be prepared.


Minute Man (6.3 percent ABV)

Memphis Made's take on the New England-style IPA, Minute Man quickly fills your mouth with juicy goodness thanks to generous amounts of Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe hops and then leaves you thirsting for more — whether you’re ready or not.


Ryevolution (5.8 percent ABV)

Strap in, keep your arms and legs close to the bar at all times and get ready for The Ryevolution. Not your typical rye IPA, The Ryevolution is the best mix of malt and hops creating an experience as fun as its namesake (but in your mouth). This beer is all spice and hops at 5.8 percent ABV. Made with 30 percent rye malt and four types of hops making the different flavors twist and turn (but, you know, in your mouth). 


DubbelThink (8.1 percent ABV)  

“The Party seeks beer entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in beer, pure beer.”


Gonerfest XV Session IPA (4.9 percent ABV)

Gonerfest 15 Session IPA kicks it old-school with loads of Cascade and Chinook hops. The use of classic IPA hops makes it instantly recognizable. At 4.9% ABV you can pick up a can before, during, and after the show.  


Gonerbrau 2020 (4.5 percent ABV)

We brewed this light and easy-drinking beer for Gonerfest 17, held Sept. 25-27. While this year’s event is virtual, you can still watch  the shows online with these 16-ounce cans designed by artist Kerri Mahoney.


Prince Mango (6.3 percent ABV)

The space prince has returned! This Zambodian IPA is adorned with traditional flavors and aromas of frickle pear, pink zorbel berries, and overripe glorbos. Flavors like this can only come from unearthly sources, or maybe it's the addition of way too much hops and real mango. It's fruit forward, hoppy and delicious. You'll feel its hazy effects as it takes you to another world and back. 


  Mark of the Yeast (8.5 percent ABV)

It took slightly longer than 42 months to bring about the reign of this beer, but our 666th batch is finally here in all of its devilish glory. The end times is nigh and it oozes with bubblegum and blasphemy.


Mr. Anderson (9.2 percent ABV)

A “Mid-Atlantic” barley wine, this strong beer finds the sweet spot between the hoppy American version of the style and its English cousin. Wherever you go, this beer is watching you.


 Green Fork Belgian Wit (5.1 percent ABV)

Memphis Made Brewing is the first Project Green Fork certified brewery in the world. We brewed this PGF Wit with local raw wheat grown at the Agricenter, and spiced it with grains of paradise and sweet orange peel.


 Gonerfest 14 Session IPA (4.6 percent ABV)

Gonerfest 14 Session IPA is jam packed with way too much Apollo, Summit, Eureka!, Denali, and El Dorado hops giving a cacophony of flavor. Pick up a six pack before, during, and after the show.


 Let It Snow (6.8 percent ABV)

Cup this dark saison gently as you raise it to your lips. Features notes of ripe, dark fruit and peppercorns with hints of clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon.


The Kickdown (9.2 percent ABV)

The Kickdown is a Belgian Style Tripel inspired by the music of Memphis' own Snowglobe. Like the band, The Kickdown is spicy, orange-y, adorable, bready, beardy, sweet, dry, and smile inducing.


 Covhefe (5.7 percent ABV)

We mashed our Greenswarden Hefeweizen with coconut and made this amazing tiny hand crafted beer.


 Hop Swap (6.1 percent ABV) 

We brewed this smooth IPA for our friends at Goner and Stax Records as they celebrate the Second Annual Soulsville Record Swap on Saturday, June 17 at the Stax Museum of American Soul. Brewed with Eureka and Zythos hops, Hop Swap is golden and cloudy with notes of citrus and fruit.


Arcas (4.5 percent ABV) 

A roasty, malty brown ale named after the mythical Greek hunter who was turned into a little bear and put into the night sky by his father, Zeus.


Azacca SMASH (6.3 percent ABV) 

This hop was a newcomer on the scene at Hopped last year. Its delicious balance of pineapple, grapefruit, papaya, and pine made this a clear winner at the SMASH bar.


DoubleSpeak (8.2 percent ABV) 

Juicy hops (Eureka, Cascade and Citra) are watching you in this Double IPA.


Denali Dream (6.2 percent ABV)

A golden Kolsch dry-hopped with Denali hops. Mitch Hedberg would be proud.


Slumber Party (9 percent ABV)

Break out your footie pajamas and discover hidden delights under blankets of dark chocolate and rich caramel. This R-rated stout is our first high gravity release. Don't be the first to fall asleep and miss out on all the fun.


Rye Felicia (5.6 percent ABV) 

Rye Felcia is brewed with a 40 percent blend of rye, giving this beer spicy and roasty flavors. A mixture of U.S. and German hops give it balance.


On the Fly Porter (5.9 percent ABV)   

When you need a beer right now, order a porter on the fly. Its smooth caramel chocolate center will satisfy everything inside you.


Sieste de Chat (5.7 percent ABV)   

See the description of Cat Nap IPA, but with a French accent. 


Lucid Dream IPA (5 percent ABV)  

We took our Lucid Kolsch bill and piled in late addition Centennial hops to give our lawnmower beer a dank citrus hop kick. This is how we celebrated National IPA Day in glorious thirst-quenching fasion.


I Can't Believe It's Not Pale Ale (6 percent ABV) 

This fine-tuned pale ale is a celebration of new world flavors. Packing a hit from Rakau hops from New Zealand and the Captain America of hops, Centennial, this beer brings an array of bitter dry, citrus and subtly-earthy pine flavors. A hint of rye spiciness supports throughout.


Greenswarden Hefeweizen (5.7 percent ABV)

We brewed this Hefeweizen for a Save Our Greensward party at the brewery on Sept. 5. This wheat beer is slightly cloudy and has a fruity sweetness to it with tastes of banana and bubblegum.


Greenswarden IPA (6.2 percent ABV)

Mosiac, Cascade, and Equinox hops combine to swirl bright stone and grapefruit flavors around your palate as you bask in the sun and enjoy the grassy greensward.


Humbucker 2.0 (5.5 percent ABV)

This updated version of Humbucker is a SMaSH beer brewed with pale ale malt liberally dosed with amarillo hops for flavor and aroma. We packed a pound of hops per barrel into this hopsickle. Just like its guitar namesake, Humbucker cancels out the typical overt bitterness and lets the purs flavor and aroma of the hops shine through. First served at Hopped II.


10 Gallon Hat (5.5 percent ABV)

This fruity and hoppy wheat beer was brewed with orange peel and honey wheat. The combination of Styrian Wolf and Mosiac hops give it the dank mango finish that will keep you drinking. Assistant brewer Adam Cagle made a 10-gallon batch for our Sidekick Series and now we've brewed it on a commercial scale.


Greenswarden Saison (8.1 percent ABV)

Spring is just within reach but you can go ahead and grab this saison with a citrus burst. Greenswarden Saison is the second beer we’ve done in what looks like will be a long series of beers to support Citizens to Preserve Overton Park. At first glance, the hazy golden copper of this ale makes it appear calm and reserved. But the citrus punch will make you want to get up and yell, GET OFF OUR LAWN!!!


Gonerfest XIII Session IPA (4.6 percent ABV)   

You're welcome. This easy drinking session IPA clocks in at 4.6 percent ABV, and is screaming with hoppy goodness. Apollo, Denali, and Experimental #07270 hops come together to create a fruit basket for your face of pineapple, mango, and strawberries. This kitty is ready to rock. Meow! 


Hundo IPA (6.1 percent ABV)

This solid IPA gets its color and biscuity background from healthy dose of dark Munich malt, but Centennial hops are the star of the show. Centennial brings a deep tangerine and pine flavor, while not being overly bitter.  


Oat Bar IPA (6.1 percent ABV)

Brewed with flaked oat and flaked barley, this golden India Pale Ale has a slighty creamy mouthfeel. Dry hopped with Pacific Gem and Centennial hops, this beer is hoppy and smooth at the same time, making it a change of pace from the traditional IPA style.


Drew's Day Off (CASK) (6.2 percent ABV)

Packaged only for National Stout Day Nov. 5, 2015, and served only at the Flying Saucers Downtown Memphis and Cordova. This smooth and malty oatmeal stout gets added complexity with the addition of Irish whiskey soaked American oak chips and locally roasted coffee. Who said you can't have it all?


Station 3 Alt (4.7 percent ABV)

Station 3 is something familiar and something new. Like any good Altbier, Station 3 is brewed with all German malt and fermented with German ale yeast. Now for the twist: Pacific Gem hops from New Zealand, giving it a hop punch and a nice oaky background. Brewed for the Station 3: the Memphis Firehaus on the corner of Third and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.


Fuzzbox IPA (6.2 percent ABV)

Despite the name, there is nothing distorted about this IPA. The piney resin of Rakau hops shine through in this smash hit, with hints of stone fruit head banging in the background. Brewed just for Gonerfest 12.


Rocket #9 (6.1 percent ABV)

An India Pale Ale to celebrate the ninth year of the Church Health Center's Rock For Love. We used a generous amount of Pacific Gem hops from New Zealand. This gives Rocket #9 an earthiness with a hint of oak. 


South Cooper Saison (5.7 percent ABV)

A brown saison and one of our inaugural beers. A simple malt bill of pale and chocolate malt allows the complex flavors of the yeast to be the shining star. Those complex flavors were further developed during a higher-than-normal fermentation temperature of 85 degrees, a good 15 degrees warmer than typical ales.


All Sewn Up (5.7 percent ABV)  

An English Pale Ale made especially for the Lucero Family Picnic. Brewed with Target hops, a UK variety, All Sewn Up has a restrained bitterness with a bit of earthiness and spiciness. Made to be enjoyed throughout the show. Named after a song on Lucero's self-titled album.


RockBoneWood (6.2 percent ABV)  

What beats Rock? RockBone. What beats RockBone? RockBoneWood. We delicately aged our RockBone IPA with American oak. The oak melds together with the Mosaic hops like they were meant to be together. Limited supply.


McFuggle (6.2 percent ABV)  

This is what happens when a batch of Plaid ATTACK!!! has a one night stand with some Fuggle hops. This bastard child is nothing short of everything you’ve ever wanted in a Scottish IPA.


Waka Too (6.2 percent ABV) 

An even hoppier version of our Waka Waka IPA, this beer is brewed exclusively with Wakatu hops. We also added lime to punch up the citrusy notes of this New Zealand hop. We've brewed this limited release IPA for Memphis Beer Week (April 18-25) and for Hopped, our beer release party being held at the brewery April 25.


Luke McLuke (6.2 percent ABV)

Brewed exclusively for Tennessee Brewery: The Revival, Luke McLuke is a thoroughbred American Pale Ale, just like its namesake, a horse owned by early brewery owner John Schorr. Brewed with a blend of Zythos and Simcoe, its mellow resin will wake up your taste buds, all the while reminding you of the winter that just passed.


Reverberation (5.8 percent ABV)

This Belgian style coffee stout is a collaboration with Memphis-based Reverb Coffee Co. The freshly roasted dark Sumatra coffee from Reverb accents the stout’s natural coffee flavors.  At 5.8 percent ABV, this limited release beer is well suited for winter. 

A base of Munich malt gives this brew a strong backbone to hold up all the flavors from the darker malts, the Belgian yeast, and the dark Sumatra coffee.


Oatmeal Stout (5.1 percent ABV)

Have you ever wanted to shove a bunch of silk into a pint glass and drink it? No? That's weird, we have. Anyway, here's your chance to get close to it. This delicately hopped  and generously oated stout will have you begging for more, but it is a very limited release, so get some while you can.


Waka Waka IPA (5.7 percent ABV)

An unfiltered India Pale Ale brewed with Wakatu and Pacific Gem hops.


Business Time IPA (6 percent ABV)

You know the old saying: "It's Wednesday somewhere..." That means it's Business Time. This balanced IPA features the oak goodness of Pacific Gem hops from start to the happy ending. A dash of Munich malt provides just enough sweetness and color to get you in the mood. Best enjoyed with someone you love, but there's always an occasion to have one by yourself. 


Guitar Attack IPA (5.8 percent ABV)

Brewed especially for Gonerfest 11, Guitar Attack is an aggressive beer. This bottled beer has a generous amount of Centennial hops. Enjoy during, before or after Gonerfest.


GBR (4.8 percent ABV)

Brewed especially for Gonerfest 11, GBR is a clean, crisp golden ale with a healthy dose of flaked corn. We decided to make it a true Memphis cream ale with a bunch of grits in the mash too. 


Snipe Hunter Amber (5.7 percent ABV)

This hoppy, unfiltered amber is what you've been searching for. Generous amounts of Herkules and Fuggle hops balance out the malt bill, making this elusive Southern ale worth the hunt.


Bear Cat IPA (6 percent ABV)

An homage to the Rufus Thomas song of the same name, this unfiltered India Pale Ale is both cuddly and aggressive. Stupid amounts of hops were used to create a complex heady blend, that will leave you lapping up the last drop.


Bent Note IPA (6.1 percent ABV)

This spring IPA, featuring Nugget and a healthy portion of Delta hops, will wake your taste buds out of their winter slumber. It has a pleasant tropical fruit profile with some subtle earthiness. The hop flavor sustains like a long-held bent note. Pairs well with spicy foods.


Southern Julep (750 ml. bottle, 5.9 percent ABV)

A Belgian style brown ale brewed with fresh mint and aged with American oak. Great beer to drink while watching the Ketucky Derby in early May.


Cocoa Reverberation (5.8 percent)

A change to our Belgian coffee stout. This collaboration with locally-owned Reverb Coffee Co. still features freshly roasted dark Sumatra coffee. However, we added cocoa nibs to blend more chocolate notes with the coffee flavors. A base of Munich malt gives this brew a strong backbone to hold up all the flavors from the darker malts, the Belgian yeast, the coffee and the cocoa nibs.


Lights Out (4.2 percent ABV)

A dark Belgian style wit beer, the grain bill for Lights Out consists of more than 90 percent wheat darkened with chocolate malt. A light dash of First Gold hops brings balance to the chocolate notes, while Styrian Golding hops blend in with the bitter orange peel and coriander.

At 4.2 percent ABV, it’s a very sessionable beer, with hints of chocolate and orange adding some complexity to this seasonal.


Humbucker IPA (6.2 percent ABV)

Humbucker is brewed with Marris Otter and Carapils malts. It’s first wort hopped with Styrian Golding hops, bittered with Nugget hops, and liberally dosed with Amarillo hops for flavor and aroma. We packed 1.7 pounds of hops per barrel into this 6.2% ABV hopsickle. Just like its guitar pickup namesake, Humbucker cancels out the typical over bitterness of an American IPA and lets the pure flavor and aroma of the hops shine through. Amarillo is hard to get a hold of these days, so enjoy this one while it lasts. 


 Harvest Porter (6.2 percent ABV)

Harvest Porter is a lighter-than-normal porter with a slight nuttiness and hints of chocolate. This beer style, which has been around since head brewer Drew Barton made it up, consists of Marris Otter, chocolate and melanoidin malts balanced with East Kent Goldings and Fuggle hops.


Parkways Pale Ale (5.2 percent ABV)

A distinctive American Pale Ale. Nugget hops deliver a initial herbal punch, while Delta hops round out the flavor and aroma with its spicy and slightly sweet citrus notes. This beer gets its name from Memphis' parkway system, three streets which, with the Mississippi River, formed one of the city's earliest boundaries.