Time to Hit the Bottle



We bottlin' 7fiddies of selected brews by hand. At first, it will be Reverberation, our collaberative stout made with dark Sumatra coffee beans roasted from our bud at Reverb Coffee Co. here in Memphis.Then following is something quite refreshing and palatable to those living around these parts. Southern Julep, our take on a legendary cocktail. Three words...Belgian, mint, & oak. 


The Madison Growler & Bottle Shop in the Cash Saver on Madison Avenue will be debuting Reverberation on Saturday @ noon. Shortly after they will be found at Whole Foods in East Memphis. Southern Julep will hit stores, bars and restaurants next week.


These select bottled beers will rotate through the years' seasons such as our seasonal standards you find at your local bars and restaurants. They are most righteous...uh..ya'll..



Drew, Andy and Alex