Let's Get Lucid

Hello Memphis Made people,

The calendar says summer doesn't start until June 21, but we in the Bluff City know this is bullshit. Once Memphis in May winds down, it starts to get hot. Really hot.

For us, it's been the signal to switch to our summer beers. That means pretty soon our spring beers, Bent Note IPA and Red Handed Alt, will fade from barroom taps until next year. While we'll miss them, we're excited about the summer offerings.

First up will be Lucid Kolsch, a sessionable German golden ale. It's light and crisp, with a bready aroma and slightly spicy hop note.

Kegs of Lucid will be hitting your favorite bars and restaurants Friday. We'll also be having a tapping party at Tamp & Tap for this new beer. The fun starts at 6 p.m. We'll be giving away pint glasses to the first 24 people who order Lucid. I imagine we'll have a few shirts and stickers as well, so come by and chat over a pint with us.

The next Summer Standard beer will be Soulful Ginger, a golden saison brewed with candied ginger root and peppercorns. We know it's been released before in bottles, but it was so well-received (and so perfect for summer drinking), we decided to keep it going through the hot months. Hey, we're a small brewery, we can change our mind on a dime.

We'll also be throwing out a lot of one-off beers (Bearcat) and bringing back some old favorites for limited runs (Junt). Also, keep on the lookout for more limited-run 750 milliliter bottles.

Keep drinking the good stuff,

Andy and Drew