Beer and the Bard

Now that the tap room is open, we're looking for things to do in addition to serving up fresh beer every Friday: we're looking to support local organizations we're into.
That's one reason we're hosting Shakesbeer 2 this Saturday from 7 to 10 p.m.
This is a fundraiser for the Threepenny Theatre Company.
$15 gets you a Shakespeare-themed evening full of fun, food, frivolity, and most importantly, 3 full hours worth of pulls from the Memphis Made taps.
The night will feature performances by the Threepenny Theatre company members, as well as guest appearances by Gil Worth and Alan Long of OAMAUDIO.COM, who will be recording a very special, Elizabethan-edition of The Game Show Podcast. 
Come join us, raise a pint, and help support this young company of local artists, so they can continue to bring accessible, high-quality work to the Memphis theatre community.
You can find more information at
Andy and Drew