Side Ports, Sidekicks & Songs

We opened our tap room last November and have been expanding and improving it gradually ever since. Now we're going to start doing even more to make our brewery a part of your weekend.

First up, we've started not one but two beer series for the tap room.

The Side Port Series will feature variations of our regular and limited release beers. Basically, Drew will pull some wort off the side port of the kettle and finish it in a different way than the rest of the batch. This might mean fermenting with a different yeast or infusing it with a fun ingredient. It's hard to tell what he'll come up with, so we won't even guess. No matter what, it will be tasty.

Drew won't get to have all the fun, however. We've started up a Sidekick Series at the tap room as well. This gives our assistant brewers a chance to brew some new beers and try new things.

The Side Port Series and Sidekick Series will only be available in the tap room. We're only selling them in pints (no growlers) because we want as many people to try these small batch offerings.

We've also started a new tap room account on Twitter. It's @3810POUR, so follow that for tap room news.

Finally, we've also added live music to the tap room. We're having local musicians play every Saturday from 5 to 8 p.m.

So far, Couple Skate, Logan Hanna, Adam Holton, Michelle Shrader and Jeremy Shrader have all been on our stage. Look for even more music coming to the tap room Saturdays.

We know that's a lot of new stuff, but we've got even more planned for September and October, so stay tuned.