Of Cats and Cans

Well, it's 2018 and we're gearing up to make our fifth year of operation a big one.

This year, we've some exciting news on multiple fronts.

First, we've brought back our popular Cat Nap IPA, this time as a year-round beer. This smooth drinker, which features all Eureka hops, is taking over for RockBone as our year-round IPA. We might bring back RockBone now and again (such as for our Hopped festival in April), so don't fret that you won't taste the RockBone again. In the meantime, you can get face down Cat Nap all you'd like.

Last year, we debuted our first regular canned offering with Fireside in six packs. In 2018, we're looking to grow where you can get Fireside cans while also adding some new offerings. Keep an eye on this space and our social media to see what we come up with.

In addition to regularly scheduled cans, we'd also like to draw your attention to individual cans in the tap room.

You can get 16 ounce cans of any our draft beers to go from our tap room. Just pick what you'd like and one of our friendly bartenders will can it up right there so you can take it to the home, backpacking, or wherever your canned beer loving heart takes you. You can select one or make a four pack of it. You can also, of course, still fill up a 64 ounce growler. It's your call.

We've got a lot of other stuff working for this year but we can't go into it all here and now. We have to save some surprises for all of 2018.


Happy New Year!