May Day

We're hosting May Day on Saturday, May 4 with a day of music, bikes, beer and more.

Memphis Tilth is putting the event on with Bristerfest starting at 11 a.m.

It was originally planned to have Tour de Coup in the morning but a rain forecast has led to the cancellation of that portion of the event.

The music will still go on, however, with everything being moved inside the taproom.

Bristerfest starts at 11 a.m. with bands including Red Squad, Memphissippi Sounds, PXLS, Life Explicit, Memphis Jookin, Tristan Barton, Kristen Cothron, Alex da Pante, Stephen Chopek, Alejandro Paredes, Bailey Bigger, Memphis School of Rock, and Whiskey Chute Smugglers.

Bristerfest will have vendors and information regarding Memphis Tilth's mission of cultivating collective action for an economically sustainable, socially equitable, and environmentally sound local food system. More info can be found at