Year of the Cat Nap

Just in time for summer, we're releasing Cat Nap IPA in cans on a year-round basis.

This easy-drinking IPA has been available on draft year-round and in cans for limited runs.

Now you’ll be able to enjoy this beer at your favorite events, outside or inside, all summer long.

Here’s how we describe it: When you go face down into this India Pale Ale, the hop aroma is so calming it will knock you out. Generous amounts of Eureka! hops will have you licking lips for more, with notes of mango, pineapple, and peach. 

Six packs will be sold in the taproom (open Thursday through Sunday) in addition to where good beer is sold in Shelby County.

If you need help finding it, feel free to check our handy dandy beer locator. It features a list of where our beer is carried. You can find it here.