Two New Brews

Our brewers just can’t sit still.

We’ve got two new limited-release beers hitting the market soon in cans: Beserker and Colonial Aggression.

We debuted these in the taproom last week but wanted to share them with the wider world. 

Here’s a little more about them:


Beserker (6.6 percent ABV) 

In Old Norse times, berserkers were those who were said to have fought in a trance-like state having drawn their power from the bear. This IPA draws its power and fruit-forward bitterness from a load of Trident and Lotus hops and Norwegian yeast. In battle, berserkers were subject to fits of frenzy and rage and were immune to steel and fire, wreaking great havoc in the ranks of the enemy. While you likely won’t be fighting off anything other than summer heat with this Norwegian IPA, you can still tell your friends you are going BESERK!


Colonial Aggression (4.7 percent ABV) 

Brewed just in time for the Fourth of July, a date the British consider a day of Colonial Aggression. With light malt on the front end, a hint of biscuit, and a light hoppy brightness on the end, this Extra Special Bitter has something for all independence-loving people. Brewed with traditional British hops and all American malt, this taproom-only beer is indeed extra special and a little bitter. 


Keep an eye for these beers in Shelby County stores wherever good beer is sold. They won’t last long.