Gonerbrau for Gonerfest 18

After a year off, it's finally time to celebrate that special time that is Gonerfest 18.

We've brewed up a new batch of Gonerbrau for this year's festivities and it's hitting the market this week. 

Gonerbrau is a light and easy-drinking beer calibrated to get you through all the shows. 

Sara Moseley, the in-house designer for Goner Records, designed the cans with art from Jeff Mahannah.

This year, all Gonerfest shows and events will be at Railgarten, just around the corner from our brewery. 

They will have plenty of beer for the festival, but you can also find some at our taproom and at a few select places around town. 

Gonerfest runs Sept. 23-26.

For more information, visit https://goner-records.com/pages/gonerfest