The Judge and Plaid ATTACK!!! Are Back

As the weather (finally) is starting to turn colder, we're bringing back two favorites, The Judge and Plaid ATTACK!!!, for the autumn.


Here’s a little about each beer:


The Judge (6 percent ABV)

Here comes The Judge! Here comes The Judge! Order in the court 'cause The Judge is in the building! You've been summoned to enjoy a chocolate-vanilla porter made with roasted cocoa nibs and Madagascar vanilla. This very judicious offering balances roasty malt notes with hints of vanilla and cocoa. It has a solid body and holds a great head at 6 percent ABV. So put on your Sunday best because The Judge's court is in session and there will be no objections.


Plaid ATTACK!!! (6.2 percent ABV)

This Scottish ale clocks in at 6.2 percent ABV. Its solid malt backbone comes from Marris Otter, crystal, chocolate and a dash of smoked cherry wood malts. This is balanced with a variety of UK classic hops to create a smooth drinking Scottish ale.


Looks for kegs and cans of these beers in the taproom and out in the market throughout West Tennessee and North Mississippi soon.