Getting Back To The Before Times

We're debuting a new series of beers called The Before Times this week.

These high-gravity, taproom-exclusive beers will be packaged in 750-milliliter bombers.

This series is intended to commemorate some of the silly, happy, and/or “We used to do what?” times in life.

This pandemic has been hard on everyone. Hopefully these beers put a smile on your face while we work together to get back to The Before Times.

We're starting off the series this week with Lick Everything, an American Strong Ale with Blackberries that clocks in at 10.2 percent ABV.

We certainly have not and never would encourage anyone to just Lick Everything.

The idea that even if you did, you'd probably be okay is The Before Times feeling we'd like to get back to.

We fermented this beer with blackberries and aged it for the better part of a year. Enjoy this beer alongside a good memory of The Before Times, but please don't take the name too literally.