Time For A Group Hug

We're continuing with our The Before Times series with Group Hug hitting the taproom this week.

This series is intended to commemorate some of the silly, happy, and/or  "We used to do what?" times in life. 

This pandemic has been  hard on everyone and we hope these beers put a smile on your face while we work together 

to get back to The Before Times. 

For Group Hug, we asked the age-old question:  What’s better than a hug? 

A Group Hug, of course! 

Imagine all your friends crowded around you, giving you a massive hug. 

Now imagine those friends are barley, wheat, and hops.  They’re smothering you with their love.

We took our popular Hug recipe and dialed it up to 10.1 percent ABV.

it’s still a smooth wheat ale with late addition hops  that’s sure to put a smile  on your face. There’s just a lot more  arms involved.