From FUN to Fruit Snacks

If you’re struggling with your New Year’s resolutions, we have a change which might help you.

Memphis Made Brewing Co. is switching the name of its hard seltzer to Fruit Snacks. And while it has a different name, it still only has 90 calories, meaning you can enjoy some while sticking to the resolution which you’ll probably abandon in a month anyway.

We debuted the first locally-produced hard seltzer in 2020.

With refreshing lime flavor, this hard seltzer is great by itself or as a mixer. We recommend Old Dominick Gin, but we’re not going to hold you to that.

Fruit Snacks, which Is also gluten free, is a light way to make it through Memphis’ typically hot weather, which is always right around the corner.

In addition to a new name, we’re working on new flavors, so watch this space.