GonerBrau All Year Long

If you’ve been to Gonerfest in the past two years, you’ve probably had the extreme pleasure of having GonerBrau pass over your lips. We’ve brewed this recipe exclusively for the festival in the past, but it’s time to unleash it on the masses. GonerBrau will join the ranks of our year-around offerings.

We'll be launching it at the taproom on Thursday, Oct. 6 with Goner Records spinning some vinyl.

Like many things that come from Memphis Made Brewing and Goner Records, GonerBrau doesn’t quite fit a ready made mold, but definitely hits the spot. This Kveik Pilsner is brewed with a Norwegian strain of yeast that produces a clean profile that lets the malt and hops shine through. Kick back and enjoy this 4.5% ABV sipper while listening to your favorite tunes, hanging with friends, or eating a whole family size bag of chips by yourself (we’re not judging).