MFS Brewing's Ghost Taproom

When we started Memphis Made Brewing in 2013, part of our mission was to help grow the craft beer scene in our hometown.

We're continuing that idea by hosting MFS Brewing for a ghost taproom at our place until their brewery opens downtown later this year.

They are starting out with four beers Saturday, Feb. 10 but will have various beers on tap throughout their stay.

The first four beers are Left Handed Screwdriver, Re-Spec'd, Happy Little Toolbox, and Workbench IPA.

Left Handed Screwdriver is a honey citrus wheat with oranges, honey, and coriander.

Re-Spec'd is a pecan pie a la mode with coffee pastry stout. It's made with J. Brooks MFS Brewer's Blend coffee.

Happy Little Toolbox is a ginger molasses cookie imperial stout with a blend of cinnamon, allspice berries, and vanilla

Workbench IPA is an approachable IPA with Medusa and El Dorado hops.


Come by and try these beers and maybe meet the MFS Brewing team.