Our Thoughts Turn to Spring

The calendar says Spring begins March 19, and we've prepared for it the only way we know how: spring beers.

We're releasing kegs and cans of Dockside and Prince Mango this week to help you get ready for warmer weather.

Here's a little reminder of what to expect:


Dockside (5.5 percent ABV)   

This smooth wheat ale with late addition hops is a springtime beer for warmer weather. Its light color and medium body is perfect for coming out of hibernation into the sunshine. Dockside contains hints of lemon and orange from the Mandarina Bavaria hops and the smooth wheat malt, making this the go-to beer for spring. When the temperature swells, it's time to get Dockside.


Prince Mango (6.3 percent ABV)

The space prince has returned! This Zambodian IPA is adorned with traditional flavors and aromas of frickle pear, pink zorbel berries, and overripe glorbos. Flavors like this can only come from unearthly sources, or maybe it's the addition of way too much hops and real mango. It's fruit forward, hoppy and delicious. You'll feel its hazy effects as it takes you to another world and back.